Heartfelt Testimonials from Those that have Experienced the Regional Vaccination SubHUB

Published - January 29, 2021
Even among the questions that remain and the many that remain on the list hoping for more vaccine allocations, the kudos for the subHUB abound. With any new, never-done-before task, comes success, failure, and lessons learned. With less than 48-hours notice of being alerted a subHUB needed to be formed and vaccines arriving, officials and agencies from neighboring cities and counties joined forces and organized a process that many would deem “monumental”. The logistics of this magnitude truly do warrant a few kudos. SubHUB volunteers want to thank those that took the time to write an email, letter, or make a phone call. The individuals working this subHUB have worked tirelessly for weeks, never knowing if another shipment of vaccines will arrive and they will have to start the process over again…and for how long. Will this be a 3-month subHUB or will it be required for years? These volunteers have “real” jobs yet they are making this happen without a complaint and have given up evenings and weekends to ensure the community and the residents of Texas get vaccinated. Because of heartfelt stories like these, they say it’s been well worth every minute.


This past Wednesday (January 20) we witnessed an event that included lots of teamwork. As you might know the Washington Count Expo became a site for administering the vaccine. The County was given a super short time to prepare, design and produce an efficient way of completing this happening. My wife and I were one of the fortunate ones to receive the vaccine on Wednesday. When we drove up we noticed a lot of cars in many lanes and my wife made the statement that we should have brought our tablets so that we could read while we waited. We assumed that this process would take a huge amount of time. As we were getting into the car lane there were friendly faces guiding us to the next station. All the way thru the process there were volunteers from every walk of life assisting in this process. This was Teamwork in full motion. We were amazed at the number of volunteers caring for us with a smile on their faces. By the way we were in the process for less than 40 minutes which included the 15 minutes wait time after our shots.

My sister, brother and I feel a huge relief that our mother got her first shot. My dad gets his in Katy tomorrow. We've worried about them so much during the pandemic as their doctors told them if they get the virus they are not likely to survive. We put draconian family protocols in place to protect them; meaning all three of us siblings and the grandkids have to follow the rules as well. Our parents went through the Great Depression, WWII, survived polio, cancer, heart disease and survived tough economic times in their lives. They told us they do not want their last years to be in isolation.

Once they and I are fully vaccinated, I can go to their house often and help them again with things to make their lives more comfortable and safer. When their friends are vaccinated, they can all get together again for bridge, poker, singing group, golf etc... These are huge benefits to them, us kids and their peers. Its a domino effect of knocking down isolation and letting them enjoy their twilight years again. I think this scene applies to many of the vaccinations given. Its huge.

My husband and I are in our 80’s, and went to Washington County Fair Grounds in Brenham, Texas on Tuesday, January 26th, to receive the COVID 19 Vaccine. We would like to commend you on the excellent service that was provided. We had anticipated long lines, and waiting times, however, because of the organized method that was in place and utilized, to register, move the cars along, and administer the vaccine, as well as monitor for allergic reactions, we only had to wait a minimal amount of time. Everyone had a pleasant attitude, and was very efficient, courteous, and ensured all the vaccines were appropriately administered, if you had an appointment. If only other counties in Texas could mirror your process, I believe all Texans could be vaccinated in a very timely manner. My husband jokingly said “this is almost as fast as being in line at Chick’fil’A. We want to say Thank You and we sincerely appreciate all your efforts!!

It was amazing seeing our community working together. I hope to be part of this more in the future.
I want to congratulate you all on the outstanding organization and efficiency of the COVID-19 Vaccination Hub. After a year of COVID-19 crazies and the stress of finding a vaccination site, the staff manning the Hub was so kind and friendly they made getting the vaccination pleasant. 

We’d received our COVID shot in a remarkably smooth process lasting 37 minutes. Amazing Experience!

I wanted to share a memorable moment from the vaccine sub-hub. There was a patient who was receiving the vaccine and I had noticed he had a World War II retired veteran hat on. And that his driver had a retired Navy hat. I told them both thank you for their service. The older gentleman told me “I want to say thank you to you and for everyone out here for what you all are doing for our country.” Just to have someone that fought for our country thanking me. It just spoke to my heart.

I can't believe y'all called me back, I'm sorry, I can't stop crying this is amazing.

My husband and I have not seen our grandchildren since April of 2020, I thank God for the people making this happen for my family.

From the Call Center to the Expo, all the people have been so nice and professional, I can't believe everything was so quick and easy.

It is not captains of industry, sports figures, entertainment personalities or social media influencers who make our community, state, and country special and great. Rather, it is ordinary people, thrust into extraordinary situations who choose selfless action that lifts our society to its absolute best. All involved are doing a marvelous thing running the vaccination "sub-hub" effort for Washington County, Texas and the surrounding area. It reminds us all what Americans can achieve when we work together.

Some may say everyone is just doing their job. I disagree. Instead, you and many others have stepped out of your normal job roles and are doing your new work with passion. compassion and dedication combined with appropriate urgency vet with calmness, intelligence, organization. and good-old fashioned logistical know-how. The process on Tuesday, January 26, 2021 was like a beautiful, choreographed dance with everyone knowing their position and calmingly doing their part at the appointed time.

Perhaps the credit will go to others and the limelight will shine its glory on those who seek it, but all involved in the local effort know they are making real positive differences in thousands of lives. Not just the thousands that drive through the sub-hub, but all those vaccinated persons' and loved ones and others with whom they later in contact, and so on and so on. With each person vaccinated, it is an exponential growth of people helped.

I am genuinely thankful for all the people who enabled my family members and me to receive COVID19 vaccinations in Washington County with such ease.

Please know I am at service once fully vaccinated. Although just another ordinary person. I stand at the ready to contribute my small part to the dance to assist my community, state, and country get through this most extraordinary time. 

We are both in our 70's with underlying health issues and for weeks we have been trying to secure a Covid-19 vaccination from more than eight different health providers in surrounding counties. On Wednesday, January 20th my wife and I were privileged to obtain a Covid-19 vaccination at the Washington County Fair Grounds.

My wife and her family are from Washington County and our daughter currently lives in Washington County. When we learned of the upcoming Washington County Covid-19 Vaccination Program scheduled for the Washington County Fair Grounds during the week of January 18th we thought we would attempt to be placed on the list. Once the process opened up on Monday January 18th we were on the phone lines early, our daughter was the first one of us to get through and scheduled our vaccinations for January 20th at 6am.

The phone application system worked extremely well as we were scheduled for both the first and second vaccinations during the call. The information provided by Washington County Health was clear and the forms were easy to obtain prior to arriving for the vaccination.

The actual process at the Fair Grounds was flawless and quick. Everyone involved in the process was polite, kind, professional and their instructions clear. While we didn't get the names of all those involved, we wish you could forward our "Sincere Thanks" to all the members of the Washington County Sheriff Department, Washington County Health/EMS, Washington County Employees, as well as, the members from the City of Brenham. You can be proud of your employees, they represent the "best of our Country".

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